Virtual not Viral holds weekly tweet chats on #VirtualnotViral. These chats are archived as Twitter moments on @VirtualnotViral. All the links and resources are in the links. 

(1) Chat with Professor Deborah Lupton about creative and alt methods. Week Two

(2) Chat with Dr Nathan Ryder about online vivas. Week Three.

(3) Chat with Dr Rachael Cayley about academic writing. Week Four

(4) Chat with Dr Narelle Lemon about well being. Week Five. Moment 1Moment 2. 

(5) Working at home with the Research Whisperers Moment 1, Moment 2 & Moment 3

(6) Organising your time and space with Dr Raul Pachego-Vega

(7) Ethical issue of researching during the pandemic with Dr Helen Kara Part One and Part Two

(8) Finding a job post pandemic with Associate Professor Inger Mewburn Moment 1; Moment 2. 

(9) Finishing off your PhD with Katherine Firth - Moments

(10) Innovative uses of social media with Mark Carrigan Tweetchat Moments

(11) Where to for the academic conference with James Burford and Emily Henderson Tweetchat Moments

(12) Taking stock with Anuja and Pat Moment 1, Moment 2

(13) Blogs and reflexive journals with Pat and Anuja Moment 1, Moment 2, Moment 3

(14) Staying well with Dr Petra Boynton Moment 1

(15) Working as an independent researcher with Dr Jonathan Downie Moment 1, Moment 2  

(16) Working as a contract researcher with Dr Jess Harris, Dr Nerida Spina and Dr Simon Bailey. Moment 1, Moment 2

(17) Networking Online with Dr Lauren Gawne Moment 1

(18) Making online supervision work for you, with Dr Kay Guccione  Moment 1

(19) Tweetchat with Pat and Anuja: How are you going? Moment 1

(20) Academic Writing: Tweetchat with Dr Cally Guerin Moment 1


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