Some resources

Taking care of your self and your family during the pandemic is really important. We are adding to these resources all the time. Please send your links to @ThomsonPat and @anujacabraal.



​​Calming yourself resources from Dr Petra Boynton on No star to guide me

Mental Health posters from Dr Zoe Ayres

Everyday self care strategies from Dr Narelle Lemon

Free wellbeing resources for counsellors from AdamsPsychology Services

Seven tips to get your sleep cycle back on track. Lesley Ingram-Sills

Five strategies for well being on Youtube 

Dr Aisha Ahmad twitter thread on coping in disasters

Twitter accounts for mental health/self-care:









Blog posts and papers, even a video or two, designed to soothe, stimulate, distract. (most recent additions at the top) 

The good citizen in lockdown. Michaela Benson

28 days later. Matthew D'Ancona

Productivity during quarantine. Constance OGrady. 

Working at a grocery store during Covid 19. K B Carle

Margaret Atwood's lockdown diary The Guardian

Shifting strategies Hook and Eye

Metaphors for lockdown. Brigitte Nerlich

The Fag poets. Utopian drivel 

The pandemic is a portal. Arundhati Roy

How we read in a pandemic Siri Hustvedt

How deep are our reserves of patience Róisín Ingle. 

Your pets are ready for you to leave the house. Slate

Well being is social not individual  Guardian

Three equations for a happy life even during a pandemic, Arthur Brook

Juggling identities during the pandemic by Bali Maha. 

Developing a new ethic of care 

Why we might disagree about Covid 19 from Ruth Dixon and Christopher Hood

The psychology of isolation

The first thing I'll do when this ends Jenna Price

Tiny letters from three young people on Close

How we use our bodies to navigate the pandemic NYT 

Feeling in and out of time from The disorder of things - also see their other posts on coronavirus

What writers are doing at home TLS

This is not a rehearsal. Emergence

Tara Brabazon vlog on solitude and connectivity

Thinking about the future - Educated Optimism

Pandemic Files The Yale Review fiction/nonfiction collection

The losers conspiracy. Paul Preciado inArt forum

Routines that keep us sane The Atlantic

Deciding whether to do academic writing or not Alexis Shotwell

Gradually then suddenly caring from Frances Bell

Books about caring from a distance from Edge Effects 

Silence, songs and solace from Brigitte Nerlich and colleagues 

On confinement from The Book of Life, School of Life

Is anyone else barely coping from Self.

Surviving stress in the time of self-isolation U of G PGR blog post 

Improve your overall well-being during physical distancing Forbes

What you're feeling is grief, Harvard Ed Review 

One last trip to the bookstore Slate

Living with uncertainty The Conversation

Sustaining your psyche by Dangerous Meredith 

Coping with pandemic paralysis by The HappyPhD

Care in uncertain times syllabus from Duke University Press (open access readings)

Joan Tronto on the political  ethic of care on youtube



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